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Thanks again to everyone that contributed to our fundraiser!

We raised just about enough money for the new floor, and if you've been to the dojo, you've noticed the construction.

The winner was chosen and received her cash prize today (picture to come soon!)

Dojo Dollars will be awarded soon, and students can use those to buy prizes from our Dojo Store.

So far, we have ripped up the carpet and tile from the floor. This took way longer than I thought it would!  Next week we will actually begin installing the Lifeproof floor, and soon after that we will begin painting the walls. Thank you everyone for making this happen.

Here are the winners for our fundraiser and how many Dojo Dollars they will be getting:

1. Benjamin D 41 Tickets sold!

2. Luka P with 37 Tickets sold!

3. Jackson and Isabella O with a cumulative 26 Tickets sold

4. Daniel B with 21 Tickets sold

5. Tucker C with 17 Tickets sold

6. Austin A with 10 Tickets sold

7. Tied for 7th Place with 6 Tickets sold:

-Troy H

-Liliana B

-Lucas H

-Nicholas U

Tied for 8th Place with 5 Tickets sold:

-David C

-Blake G

-Jayden A

-Ella A

-Nicholas and Alex A

-Karter V

-Angel N

-Declan M

-Rocco V

-Caleb D

Tied for 9th Place with 3 Tickets sold:

-Matthew C

-Luca R

-Nico R

-Eden N

-Devenyn N

10th Place: Lucas M with 1 Ticket sold

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