• When my son started Rising Sun just under a year ago, we had no expectations of it. As I recall, the reason why we joined was my then 3-year old associated martial arts with being a ninja, and ninja, he wanted to become, so ninja he shall be. Aside from self-defense techniques, this place also emphasizes self-discipline, respect, responsibility, and leadership, which, we all know, kids (even the good ones) and adults need it. I've witnessed my child come out of his shell and is getting more and more confident in class. He was a respectable kid before, but even more so now. He shows so much pride in the techniques he's learned in class and is not shy to show off his skills to anyone willing to see the one-man show (just watch out; the kid can throw a mean punch). Sensei Dean is a very patient instructor, even with the most difficult students (and he's had them all!), and the kids enjoy the individualized attention he tries to give each and every one of his students. The kids also take a liking to Sensei Osko and Mr. Noah; they are great with the kids!

    Suong Huynh
  • My son Jaden started this week he loves the class. Very affordable 👍👍👍

    Carlos Pinto
  • My daughter started about 6 months ago she absolutely loves it!!! The instructors are so wonderful with the kids. They learn respect, loyalty, honesty while having fun at the same time I can't say enough about it and would recommend them to anyone who is interested!

    Nicole Bradford
  • I visited many other martial arts schools to sign up my two daughters (6yo and 9yo). Many were very drill Sargent military oriented and some were just crazy expensive!! When I finally visited Rising Sun was greeted by the owner Dean), he was very friendly, down to earth and extremely with my shy children. The atmosphere at this school is very family friendly, and their prices much more affordable than most. This is my kids 2nd year with Rising Sun, both are much more confident (amazingly not shy anymore), and having so much fun. The things they have learned here, much to my surprise, are effective.... especially on unsuspecting adults! I asked my youngest to show me something she learned, she asked me to grab her hand as if were a stranger trying to take her away...she yelled YOU'RE NOT MY DAD, kicked and managed to pull her hand away escaping my grasp. AMAZING!! I recommend this school to everyone who has a child, boy or girl!!

    Fence RI USA
  • My son has been part of the Rising Sun family for almost 2 years now. Sensei Dean and Sensei Osko are great with the kids and I love the fact that they teach the kids how to defend themselves, not how to fight. My son, Robert, always looks forward going to class and thrives to be the best that he can be. I'm so happy we found Rising Sun Jiu-Jitsu!

    Melina Bennett Simmons
  • We love Rising Sun! My son started at age 5, now is 6 and has learned a lot of self-discipline, respect and made some great friendships through taking class here! Sensei Dean is amazing with the kids and they genuinely love him! Sensei Osko is awesome and is always smiling!.. I'm so glad we decided to make this a part of our world and will continue to do so for years to come!!

    Enna Rose
  • We love Rising Sun! Sensei Dean and Sensei Osko are wonderful instructors who are truly devoted to helping each individual child become the best version of themselves. Our kids are learning not only important self defense techniques but also valuable life lessons.

    Rachel Donnelly
  • My son has been going here for about 6 years and it was the best thing I could have done for him.. Sense Dean is a great instructor as well as Sense Osko.. They teach how to defend yourself, discipline, respect, and honesty.. Highly recommend this dojo..

    Jina Greco
  • Great school! Friendly staff. A real school who wants to teach discipline, technique and values. Not like those other schools that are mastering the ways of taking your money.

    Robert N. Simmons Jr.
  • My family and I are big fans! My daughter looks forward to her classes every week. I have seen huge improvements in her focus after she started her classes here. I wish I can take this dojo with us when we move because not only is it fun but it's also teaching my daughter restraint and discipline. Great place! Highly recommended!

    Charlie Sann


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